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Center Stage Live featuring John Michael Ferrari Center Stage Live featuring John Michael Ferrari

Center Stage Live featuring John Michael Ferrari

Center Stage Live featuring Morgan Myles Center Stage Live featuring Morgan Myles

Center Stage Live featuring Morgan Myles!

Forever Johnny Cash Tribute : February 24, 2020

Forever Johnny Cash Tribute Forever Johnny Cash Tribute

We celebrate the birthday of the Man In Black, Johnny Cash (born February 26, 1932), with Forever Johnny Cash Tribute on Center Stage Live at The 615 Hideaway!

Kelsey Lamb & Rachel Reinert : February 17, 2020

Kelsey Lamb & Rachel Reinert Kelsey Lamb & Rachel Reinert

Kelsey Lamb and Rachel Reinert (formerly of Gloriana) on Center Stage Live at The 615 Hideaway!

Joe & Martina, Kendal Conrad, & Amanda Kate Joe & Martina, Kendal Conrad, & Amanda Kate

Center Stage Live at The 615 Hideaway is back next Monday with special guests Joe and Martina, Kendal Conrad, & Amanda Kate!

Diamond Dixie, Eric Burgett, & Emily Miller Diamond Dixie, Eric Burgett, & Emily Miller

Center Stage Magazine is live with Diamond Dixie Eric Burgett Emily Miller Music at The 615 Hideaway! Special Thanks to The Cosmo Cowgirl for Missy's wardrobe!

Dallas Remington, Taylon Hope, & Jesse Lopez Dallas Remington, Taylon Hope, & Jesse Lopez

Dallas Remington is a country artist who knows who she is and what she wants! Dallas is a Kentucky girl with a passion for life, music, and her faith. Currently, she is working diligently to establish herself as a country music artist. Her passion for playing the guitar and performing began at an early age, around nine years old. Dallas says “Singing will always be a part of me.

Taylon Hope is a singer, songwriter, musician from West Jefferson, NC, located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and now makes her home in Music City, Nashville, TN. She began singing at the young age of four years old and music has been her passion ever since. She loves singing and performing and making a difference to others through her music. Taylon has a love for both traditional and modern Country Music and has a great appreciation for all kinds of music.

Jesse Lopez A matador at heart with the soul of a romantic, Jesse Lopez's songwriting is seeped in his Mexican-Italian charm. His fusion of Rock and Country combined with the flair of a Nashville Songwriter, is reminiscent of Kane Brown, Luke Combs, and Eric Church. Stubborn for success, overcoming homelessness and alcoholism instilled a determination in Lopez that translates beautifully into his music.

Dave McElroy & Jimmy Bowen : November 11, 2019

Dave McElroy & Jimmy Bowen Dave McElroy & Jimmy Bowen

Country music singer, Dave McElroy has been surrounded with music his entire life. Not only does Dave love music but he is an avid hunter and outdoorsman.

Jimmy Bowen is at an exciting time in his career. Long acclaimed as one of Americana/Bluegrass's leading performers, he is now venturing into other genres.

Josh Gallagher & Shelby Lee Lowe Josh Gallagher & Shelby Lee Lowe

Josh Gallagher is known for bringing a certain energy to every stage he steps on, and that was one of the reasons he was able to become successful, finishing fourth on Season 11 of NBC’s The Voice. Being coached by both Blake Shelton and Adam Levine gave him invaluable knowledge of the music industry, and he’s brought that back to Nashville where since that time, he’s found himself as an artist and is set to release two EPs in 2019.

Shelby Lee Lowe has lotts of old school country influence, a bit of modern contemporary country style, and a southern rock attitude!! Shelby’s music is inspired by the great legends of country music's past, draws inspiration from the genre's traditional style and roots, and is influenced by southern rock, blues, and R&B genres.

Matt Kennon : October 07, 2019

Matt Kennon Matt Kennon

Matt Kennon knows the power of a great song. It can stir your emotions, move you to tears, motivate you, and in some cases even save your life; as Matt has seen firsthand in his career with songs like “The Call”, “You Had To Pick On Me”, and his latest single “Love is Stronger.” For him music is about the message, and time and again he’s written thought-provoking and heart-tugging songs that have racked up impressive chart numbers and even more impressive sales: throughout the course of his career he’s already sold over 300,000 singles and 40,000 albums.

John Berry : September 30, 2019

John Berry John Berry

John Berry enjoys life and 2019 promises to be one of his best years ever! 2018 saw John celebrating his 25 years in the music business and many accolades with both the state of Georgia and his hometown of Athens, GA dedicating John Berry Day’s to him. With numerous hits, CMA, ACM nominations, platinum & gold albums to his credit and a Grammy Award winner, he still loves songwriting, touring, and recording music. His annual Christmas tours brighten the holidays for thousands, as does his electrifying rendition of “O’ Holy Night.”

Levi Hummon & Ben Cesare : September 23, 2019

Levi Hummon & Ben Cesare Levi Hummon & Ben Cesare

Levi Hummon, Hummon’s drive is what makes him stand out from the rest. He emphasizes the hard work that goes into each of his songs. The lyrics come straight from the heart, while the production and vocals are true to him. His newest single, “Drop of Us” continues to showcase the honesty and transparency of Hummon. With candid lines showcasing the exciting feeling of being young and in love, the love song expresses feelings that many can relate to, and even feel sentiment with. Hummon’s sincerity is one that makes his artistry stand out; growing up, he learned from his father that this is the most important tool of success.

Ben Cesare Music, Incorporating a bluesy groove, guitar-heavy riffs, and a northern boy's twang, Ben Cesare is making his mark in the modern country scene. Honing in on his intricate songwriting and expanding on his craft as a superior vocalist, Cesare has developed new music, produced by Grammy award-winning producer Jamie Tate of the Rukkus Room, releasing late Spring.

Smithfield & Stephanie Owens : September 16, 2019

Smithfield & Stephanie Owens Smithfield & Stephanie Owens

SmithField Country duo are a unique breed in the music industry. Two voices have to blend perfectly together, and that combination is often hard to find, even in two great singers. Against all odds, the duo has continued to persevere with their music and develop their sound, and found that with a lot hard work and passion that anything can be accomplished.

Country music artist Stephanie Owens captivates audiences with her compelling voice, contagious smile, and magnetic stage presence, which flow from her passionate heart and vision. Her music creatively captures both the raw vulnerability and bold intentionality of her personality and character.

Allie Colleen & Carolyn Miller : September 09, 2019

Allie Colleen & Carolyn Miller Allie Colleen & Carolyn Miller

Allie Colleen, Her impeccably strong voice with hints of timeless tradition falls between classic country and the emerging country sound. The room never fails to silence as Allie Colleen begins to sing about the layers of love and heartbreak that have shaped her. Some of her newest songs bring witty lyrics and a connection to the song unlike most today.

Carolyn Miller New York’s own emerging artist Carolyn Miller has been preparing her whole life for her next role - that of a country music singer. Having been on stage performing professionally since the age of eight, she’s excited to not only make her unique mark on country music, but to finally be playing herself.

Bailey Callahan & Kolt Barber Bailey Callahan & Kolt Barber

Bailey Callahan Music is 17 year old singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, violinsit and a flautist! She recently just recorded her first album in Nashville with the members of Martina Mcbrides band. Bailey has played at the Blue Bird cafe, Belcourt taps, sang the national anthem at the Miami Marlins Stadium and other local places in Florida.

Kolt Barber is just a good, ole boy—plain and simple. He’s a hard-working, hands-on Georgia native who’ll be the first to say he’s endured bumps and bruises from life mistakes; but with a cowboy spirit that runs deep, the maverick has the tenacity to get back on the horse. He’s a devout patron of the land whose favorite canvas is painted from a front porch swing view that gazes across the crop fields and grazing horses. Marrying his passion for the land with his love for music, Kolt has spent years writing and performing before heartland country music fans. His dedication to his fellow blue-collar crop growers and livestock wranglers, and his country music following, make him a standout in both fields.

Dustin Collins : August 12, 2019

Dustin Collins Dustin Collins

Dustin Collins is here playing his new single “I Like to Drink” Available Wednesday, August 14, 2019!

Lewis Brice & Elizabeth Donald Lewis Brice & Elizabeth Donald

With a sound rooted at the intersection of country, southern rock, and R&B, Lewis Brice comes at you with high-energy stories; sounds that catch the ear and make you want to move. Born and raised in Sumter, South Carolina, he grew up singing in the church choir and praise bands. Lewis eventually moved to Charleston, where he began performing his first live shows and presenting his own music to a new crowd.

Elizabeth Donald is an Australian Country Pop music singer!

Clayton Anderson & Stephen Paul Clayton Anderson & Stephen Paul

Stephen Paul is a singer-songwriter from the Louisiana Bayou. Inspired by his Cajun roots and classic country, he brings a refreshing voice to country music. Stephen began his musical journey at the early age of three when his father gave him his first drum kit.

Clayton Anderson, It all started with fun-fetti cake and karaoke birthday parties. Every year, Clayton Anderson wanted the same thing and insisted that his little sister do it also.

MamaDear & JoLivi : July 15, 2019

MamaDear & JoLivi MamaDear & JoLivi

On this episode of CenterStageLive at The615Hideaway we have special musical guests Mamadear and Jolivi chatting with us and performing new music.

JoLivi Born and raised in the Hawaii Islands, JoLivi's love for country music started at a young age. While some may not correlate country music and the aloha state, the rural landscapes and laid-back lifestyle emulate everything we love about the genre. The 'endearing' and 'vibrant' vocalist (Taste of Country) caught the music bug as a child and quickly began singing wherever she had a chance. After graduating with a Theatre degree from Colorado State, JoLivi decided it was time to make the move to LA to pursue her music career full time.

MamaDear The trio of young singer/songwriters known collectively as MamaDear is creating a buzz and amassing fans up and down the east coast with their well-crafted original songs, exuberant stage show and sterling harmonies.

Brinn Black & Ryan Garrett Brinn Black & Ryan Garrett

It takes no longer than 60 seconds with Brinn Black to be completely captivated by her amazing energy and compassionate personality. Her unbridled spirit delivers the honest truth that comes alive in her music.

Ryan Garrett, a Texas-born, Nashville-weathered creative soul with his feet firmly planted in songwriting and performing, released "Stronger With Two" today, available on all music platforms.

Leah Turner : June 24, 2019

Leah Turner Leah Turner

Leah Turner's distinctive voice and fiery personality make her unlike anyone in country music, and both are outgrowths of a life journey that could have led nowhere but Nashville. It began on the ranch in California’s Morongo Valley where she grew up, the daughter of a rodeo champion father and a Latina mother.

Austin Jenckes & Austin Merrill Austin Jenckes & Austin Merrill

Austin Jenckes (The Voice Season 5) and Austin Merrill join us for another great episode of Center Stage Live at The 615 Hideaway!

Southern Halo & Adam Wakefield Southern Halo & Adam Wakefield

Southern Halo The Mississippi Delta is revered as the birthplace of the Blues and Rock & Roll. Soon, it will also be recognized as the home of Southern Halo, a soulful sister trio hailing from the small town of Cleveland, Mississippi.

Adam Wakefield is a singer-songwriter who has secured his place in Nashville, TN, but is far from the typical artist one may expect to find in the Country Music Capital of the World. You may also recognize him from The Voice!

Karissa Ella : June 03, 2019

Karissa Ella Karissa Ella

Karissa Ella youthful and soulful style is a breath of fresh air in today’s world of country music. She has been singing for crowds from the young age of 10 years old, Karissa is one of country music’s rising stars!

T. Graham Brown & Tim Atwood T. Graham Brown & Tim Atwood

T. Graham Brown has hit the Billboard, Cash Box and Christian music charts 35 times with hits such as “I Tell It Like It Used To Be”, self-penned “Hell and High Water,” and “Darlene.” Also, he wrote the multiple award-winning song, “Wine Into Water,” which has been recorded over a hundred times by artists all over the world, and most recently by country superstar Loretta Lynn on her critically acclaimed album, “Full Circle.”

Tim Atwood, with over 8,500 Grand Ole Opry performances to his credit, successfully transitioned from the spotlight’s fringe where he played piano for Grammy Award winners and CMA Entertainers of the Year to the center stage where he performs his high energy stage show for eager audiences all over the world.

The Band Steele, Zach Stone, & Kyle Dillingham The Band Steele, Zach Stone, & Kyle Dillingham

Center Stage Live at The 615 Hideaway featuring The Band Steele, Zach Stone, & Kyle Dillingham! This show is packed with a great variety of country music!

Morgan Myles, Christina Taylor, & Kelsey Lamb Morgan Myles, Christina Taylor, & Kelsey Lamb

Morgan Myles, Christina Taylor Music, & Kelsey Lamb join us on this episode of Center Stage Live at The 615 Hideaway : Women In Country Music edition! Each of these ladies have brand new music to perform for fans this week!

John Schneider : April 15, 2019

John Schneider John Schneider

Actor/Musician John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville, The Haves and the Have Nots) joins us on this episode of Center Stage Live at The 615 Hideaway!

Paul Bogart & Nick Hickman Paul Bogart & Nick Hickman

Country Artist and AQHA Roping Champion Paul Bogart joins us along with up and coming artist Nick Hickman on this episode of Center Stage Live at the 615 Hideaway!

Glen Templeton, Heath Sanders, and Jordan Rainer Glen Templeton, Heath Sanders, and Jordan Rainer

Center Stage Live at The 615 Hideaway presents Music Monday with Jordan Rainer, Heath Sanders, and Glen Templeton. All three have brand new music and fun stories to share!

Ray Scott : March 18, 2019

Ray Scott Ray Scott

Ray Scott joins us to perform songs from his latest EP, Honky Tonk Heart. It's his life, and it's an ode to all the troubadours out there runnin' up and down the dark highways in beat-up cars and vans, taking real country music to the good people of the world, givin' em what they want, all for the sheer love of it.

J.D. Shelburne and The Scooter Brown Band J.D. Shelburne and The Scooter Brown Band

On this episode of Center Stage Live at The 615 Hideaway, J.D. Shelburne and Scott Brown of The Scooter Brown Band join us to share music from their recent albums, Two Lane Town and American Son respectively. Brown also shares a sneak peek of music that will be featured on his next album.

Lance and Lea, Lockeland, and Alexis Ebert Lance and Lea, Lockeland, and Alexis Ebert

Center Stage Live at The 615 Hideaway featuring Lance and Lea, Lockeland, and Alexis Ebert! Sponsored by Durango Boot!

We mix in a little conversation about cows, McDonald's, Durango Boots, Reese's Cups, shopping carts, fur coats, John Rich and Redneck Riviera Whiskey, and much more!

Johnny Cash Birthday Tribute : February 25, 2019

Johnny Cash Birthday Tribute Johnny Cash Birthday Tribute

On this episode of Center Stage Live at the 615 Hideaway we celebrate the 87th birthday of country Legend Johnny Cash with special guests Mark Alan Cash and Rick Mallory aka Forever Johnny Cash Tribute

Christian Davis : February 18, 2019

Christian Davis Christian Davis

Christian Davis Music Two-time Dove Award winner and three-time Grammy Nominee, Christian Davis has been featured on projects by Dolly Parton, Official Dailey & Vincent, Connie Smith and others. Christian has performed on the Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall, The Lincoln Center and many other prominent Shows and Festivals with such artists as Marty Stuart, Vince Gill, Rhonda Vincent, Connie Smith, T Graham Brown, Jimmy Fortune, Marty Raybon, Trace Adkins and many more.

Durango Boots Takeover featuring Joe Hott and Matt Rogers Durango Boots Takeover featuring Joe Hott and Matt Rogers

Durango Boot Takeover on Center Stage Live from The 615 Hideaway featuring Matt Rogers and Joe Hott! We'll be giving away a pair of Durango boots to one lucky viewer! You don't want to miss out!

Zach Neil : February 04, 2019

Zach Neil Zach Neil

Where does Zach Neil go from here? “I will keep following my passion – writing and playing country music. And I can’t wait to see what is around the bend.”

Lockwood Barr : January 28, 2019

Lockwood Barr Lockwood Barr

CMA Emerging Artist, Lockwood Barr, is bringing her Deering Banjos magic to The 615 Hideaway. Make sure to tune in for a few very special announcements!

Lexi James : January 14, 2019

Lexi James Lexi James

Lexi James joins us to promote her upcoming new album "Ripple in the Water"!

Wade Hayes : December 10, 2018

Wade Hayes Wade Hayes

Center Stage Live from The 615 Hideaway featuring Wade Hayes! Country music's power has always been in its ability to reflect real life, and few artists have a stronger gift for capturing both heartache and hope than Wade Hayes.

Matthew and Gunnar Nelson : November 14, 2018

Matthew and Gunnar Nelson Matthew and Gunnar Nelson

Center Stage Live from The 615 Hideaway brings you a special live stream event featuring Matthew and Gunnar Nelson of Nelson Band to discuss their upcoming Christmas with The Nelsons! Tune into Center Stage Magazine, The 615 Hideaway, and My Jam Music Network, Corporation on Facebook for a sneak peek of their upcoming tour and an all-around great time!

Rebel Union : October 29, 2018

Rebel Union Rebel Union

Nashville based four-part group, Rebel Union, prove that when the stars align magic truly does happen. The group, consisting of Suzanne Dennis, Allie Johnson, Blake Mohler, and Zach Laughlin, formed by pure chance.

Women of Country Music : October 09, 2018

Women of Country Music Women of Country Music

Previewing John Rich's Redneck Riviera Presents Women of Country Music! Join us on the 2nd Floor of Redneck Riviera on 10/10/18 at 8PM in Nashville! Until then, join in on the fun now! Drop us a question or comment below!

Audra McLaughlin, Logan Ashley, Morgan Myles, Jessie G, and 2Steel Girls hosted by our friends at Center Stage Magazine!